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Paintings and Fine Art Collection

Paintings and Fine Art pieces by Josh Schwartz:

Large canvas paintings, pop art portraits, and more paying tribute to my favorite icons of music, theme parks, and pop culture in a vivid, colorful style.

PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION | Stay tuned for updates!

Michael Jackson Thriller Pop Art Portrait Painting with Staring Eyes - Josh Schwartz


Michael Jackson Thriller Painting with Staring Eyes

Hans Zimmer Pop Art Portrait Painting -

"The Spark"

Hans Zimmer Painting - Tribute Portrait

Brer Frog Splash Mountain Inspired Paint

"Fable Frog"

Brer Frog - Splash Mountain Inspired Painting

Louis Allen Tribute Painting - Pop Art P


Louis Allen Tribute Portrait

Splash Mountain At Night Painting - Moun

"Mountain Under Moonlight"

Splash Mountain at Night Painting

UFO Canvas Painting - Mother Ship 1.jpg

"Mothership #1"

UFO Spacecraft Painting

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