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Theme Park Art Collection

Theme Park Art pieces by Josh Schwartz:

Art created within Theme Parks and literally ON Theme Park rides!

Inspired by nostalgia for the classic attractions at Disney World, Universal Studios, and other Theme Parks, I have set out to draw and paint artwork in unique and creative ways.

Splash Mountain On Ride Art.jpg

Watch as I achieve the impossible by drawing and painting original artwork ON YOUR FAVORITE RIDES AND ATTRACTIONS! Created in real time within a SINGLE RIDE THROUGH, I race the clock to complete them while facing the many distractions at play.

Big Thunder Mountain In Park Art - Water
Splash Mountain in Park Art - Watercolor
Space Mountain In Park Art - Watercolor

Watch as I draw and paint original "IN PARK ART" from life while standing in your favorite theme parks including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and more! Watch time lapse videos to see my full process.

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