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Josh Schwartz is a Fine Artist and Theme Park Designer creating colorful art, paintings, music, and videos that bring nostalgic characters and environments to life. From drawing ON theme park rides to painting in studio, you won't find creative action packed art like this anywhere else!

In my art I hope to capture the NOSTALGIA of theme parks, classic rock, and pop culture, using intense colors that evoke excitement, whimsy, and fun.

Josh Schwartz Creative - Fine Artist Paintings.jpg

As a Walt Disney Imagineer with a background in Scenic Design, Themed Entertainment, and Theatre, I bring a mixed bag of tricks, dimension, and talents to the canvas. 

Recently, I've been focusing back on my roots and passions for creating original

visual artworks, videos, and musical compositions. I have a blast working on projects, and hope my work brings you some inspiration, a laugh, and a smile.

You can check out some examples of my professional design work at the link below:

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