Watch as I draw and paint theme park rides... WHILE LITERALLY RIDING THEM!

Created in real time within a SINGLE RIDE THROUGH, I race the clock while facing the many distractions at play. Buckle up for my "ON RIDE ART" Series, an action-packed celebration of the classic attractions at Disney World, Universal Studios, and other Theme Parks, with a comedic twist.

Drawing E.T. ON E.T. ADVENTURE 👽🚲🌲🌌
"ON RIDE ART" Illustration


Tune in Sunday 06/13 @9pm EST on Youtube

Drawing Splash Mountain ON SPLASH MOUNTAIN 💦 🎨 "ON RIDE ART" Illustration


Watch as I pioneer a new form of theme park art, the ON-RIDE ILLUSTRATION, whilst navigating waterfalls, darkness, & singing critters, all under the umbrella of a global pandemic and the ride’s looming closure.😱⏱ Can I pull it off?!


This was a drawing colored with a mix of ink & paint markers on 9"x12" watercolor paper, all within about 8 minutes before the 50 foot plunge💦

SIZE: 9" x 12"       DATE: 8/9/2020

Drawing Splash Mountain On Splash Mountain - Josh Schwartz On Ride Art
Splash Mountain On-Ride-Art - STILLS4.jp
Splash Mountain On-Ride-Art - STILLS2.jp

Drawing Splash Mountain On Ride Art Video:

Drawing Figment ON Journey Into Imagination

"ON RIDE ART" Illustration


Watch as I attempt to draw Figment, ON JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION at Epcot.  Back for another ON-RIDE illustration, I'll have to navigate chaos and summon the long lost DREAMFINDER to pull this off. I'll have only minutes to dream up a colored illustration of the Imagination Dragon, in just a single ride-through of the attraction. 😱⏱ Can I pull it off?! Our imaginations are about. TO. RUN. WILD. 💥🎬


This was a drawing colored with a mix of ink and watercolor pencils on 9"x12" watercolor paper, at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center Theme Park.

SIZE: 9" x 12"       DATE: 1/17/2021

Figment ON RIDE Illustration - Full.jpg

Drawing Figment On Ride Art Video: