"Fable Frog" Brer Frog Splash Mountain Inspired Painting


Kiss this frog goodbye! 🐸  Everybody's favorite laughin', splashin', fable-telling frog will soon be hopping out of existence and into our memories... AND onto my wall! (...and maybe yours too??) No more will his epic voice echo through the damp caverns of Frontierland, telling folk tales of olde whilst casting us onto a most mighty satisfactual adventure. Laying my heart on the canvas, I set out to capture this robotic frog's ultimate essence in "splashtacular" colour. Although we'll miss him in the parks, I hope this painting helps you reflect on the past 30 years' memories of log flumin' fun. 

MEDIUM: Mixed acrylic and fluorescent paints on stretched canvas.

SIZE: 18" x 24"

DATE: 2020

Brer Frog Painting Timelapse Process Video:

Custom Frame with Faux Nail and Rope Lashing 

Brer Frog Splash Mountain Painting Custom Frame

Process Photos - Brer Frog Painting

Zoomed Views - Brer Frog Final Painting

Brer Frog Final Painting