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Hans Zimmer Pop Art Portrait - Josh Schwartz Canvas Painting

"The Spark" Hans Zimmer Tribute Painting


Capturing the precious moment an artist first visualizes a musical masterpiece... in vibrant and brilliant colors evoking the whimsy and emotion within. "The Spark" is my submission for the #EnterTheWorldOfHansZimmer Music Video Competition.


Music and art have always been synonymous to me, as both can convey harmonious emotion, movement, rhythm, and color. There are not many composers who create music as visual as Hans Zimmer's, and I used this opportunity to lay the vibrant visuals in my head, inspired by such a powerful piece of music, down on the canvas. I hope you enjoy this tribute portrait to the legend himself. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

MEDIUM: Mixed acrylic and fluorescent paints on stretched canvas.

SIZE: 30" x 40"

DATE: 2020

Hans Zimmer Painting Process Music Video:

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