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Michael Jackson Thriller Pop Art Portrait Painting with Staring Eyes - Josh Schwartz

"Midnight" Michael Jackson Thriller Painting


Say hello to MJ  🎨🧟‍♂️🌘🦇  The Thriller music video’s imagery is so friggin’ iconic, I wanted to capture it in a way that really "pops." This is a 30”x40” canvas painting, heavily textured to add dimension, and has glowing eyes with a “staring” effect.👁👁 They appear to follow your every move... The same trick was once used in Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction. 

MEDIUM: Mixed materials and paints on stretched canvas with built in lighting for eyeball effect.

SIZE: 30" x 40"

DATE: 2020

Michael Jackson Thriller Painting with Staring Eyes - Josh Schwartz

Here's a full process video📽🎼 Watch until the end to see the finished product: you may even catch a moonwalk...

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